Storie d`Amore non troppo Riuscite - 2013

Storie D`Amore non troppo riuscite - Crocevia di Suoni Records.
November 2013. CDS008

Claudia Cantisani - voce
Felice Del Vecchio - piano
Pietro Condorelli - guitar
Massimo Moriconi - double bass
Massimo Manzi - drums
Massimo Morganti - trombone
Felice Clemente - soprano & tenor saxophones, clarinet

Liner notes by Tiziana Ghiglioni

Claudia Cantisani, using a clear irony, offers a repertoire of winning songs which are embellished by swing arrangements and carried out masterfully by a group of well-known musicians. The young songwriter performs her songs drawing her inspiration from Italian learned songwriters tradition, with brilliant and charming lyrics performed with freshness and a certain originality. Their poetics is gently desecrating and the executive style is perfectly in line with their expressive intentions . A really painstaking work whose listening is delightful; Good Luck!

Tiziana Ghiglioni

Liner notes by Fausto Mesolella

In Claudia’s choices we can see the smartest and humblest way to put an exceptional vocal tone in use of a historical memory which becomes future together with arrangements that have been drawn out skilfully from a deep jazz culture. In this work the smile of Fred Buscaglione is evident as well as the expressive clearness of the words, which are never put at random to depict daily events scanned with a good deal of irony…what else can I say? …”E sara' musica”…

Fausto Mesolella





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